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July 2020

Help my email is not working

Help my email is not working! If you are having problems with your email, please read through our help guide to try and solve any issues and hopefully get your emails working again. [...]

June 2020

9 Questions to ask when planning a website

If you are planning a new website, here are some things you may like to think about such as buying a domain name, choosing hosting, SSL, SEO, support and editing the site. We give you advice to help you understand some of the ingredients in creating a site and help you make an informed choice.

May 2020

Reasons for Google Reviews Not Showing

At the moment, the most likely reason for reviews not showing on Google is that the staff have not been able to approve these due to the changes in current working practices as a result of Covid-19. However there are several other reasons you may like to read about.

March 2020

Swindon Design is here to support you

As always, our priority is taking care of our customers, providing a consistent high level of service and to help your business through this challenging time.

October 2019

Why your website should be HTTPS

Yes, to put it simply. But what may you ask, is HTTPS? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure to give it it’s full name, adds an additional ‘layer’ of security to the regular HTTP, by using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate that encrypts the data passing between you and any websites you may visit that use HTTPS.

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