Web Design with WordPress

We have been building websites and providing web solutions for over 20 years. In that time we have built a few hundred websites and have moved from coding it completely with HTML and CSS to using WordPress. We started using WordPress about 8 or so years ago because it gave our clients the ability to add pages and posts and edit content without needing to know any code. WordPress has some great themes which make it a breeze for non-coders to edit and manage their website. Before that, if a client wanted to manage their own site, we would custom build a CMS (Content Management system) and it would take hours and hours of work and cost 2-3 thousand pounds just for that functionality. So you can see why we started using WordPress.

Need an update or new site?

Whether you have an existing site that needs updating, re-branding or want a completely new site, we will custom build your site to meet your requirements and your business goals. We can provide a range of services including creating logos, graphics and video, setting up your new YouTube channel and lots more to produce an elegant and engaging site. Anything is possible – that’s what makes our job so exciting!

What do we mean by Goal focused?

Whatever your site looks like, we focus on getting the desired results from visitors, to achieve your goals.  The goal could be: signing up to your newsletter, giving you a ring, buying a product, downloading a PDF document, booking an appointment, requesting a call back etc and when they do this, you have achieved the goal and got a conversion. When we plan and build your website we include elements to attract visitors to the goals to increase conversions. Speak to us about how we can help your website achieve your goals and get more conversions.

We keep your WordPress website site software up-to-date.

You may wonder if this is important? Your WordPress site will be made up of WordPress software, a theme and there may often be 20+ plugins. These all work together in sync to keep it all functioning as intended. To keep up with changes in technology, such as new features that may have been added and hackers attempts to find ways into your site this software will be updated regularly.

There were 3 major and 7 minor WordPress updates last year, and in addition to the frequent theme and plugin updates, it means the software needs up-dating on a regular basis.  We future-proof our sites by keeping the software updated  automatically, so it happens as soon as possible to protects your website from insecurities.

What happens if the WordPress software, theme or plugins are out-of-date?

Out of date software is more vulnerable to hacking attempts and malware. It can also cause problems with the elements on site not working well on some or all browsers. When I have requests to migrate WordPress sites from other sources, it is often because the site doesn’t work well any more, is slow or not performing as expected and I often find that the software is very out of date. Sometimes the software is so out of date that it has become obsolete and cannot be updated. We use premium quality software that is well supported to avoid this issue and to future-proof your site.

Logo Design & Branding

We know that all businesses need a way to be recognised easily. For a great logo and branding that you will be proud of we recommend a professional graphic designer. It might not be as expensive as you think, especially when you factor in the full use of the logo.

These days there are many places to buy or make your own logo very cheaply. The logo will not be uniquely to your business as it will be sold multiple times, so check the logo your competitors are using. Also check the licence limitations, as some companies charge more to use the logo if you want to use it on social media accounts,  your van or shop front, products or business cards.

Whether you have an old logo that needs re-drawing, or redesigning or are starting from scratch, get in touch for a chat about the process and cost.


Keywords will help determine how you want your site to be found in search engines and for which locations. Knowing which keywords to target will inform us how to design your site for the best chance of being found in searches. There are over 200 different elements that google will look at to decide how to rank your website for these keywords. We optimise your site for these keywords in many ways including how  pages and pictures are named,  the amount of text on the page and checking the number of times the keyword phrase is shown (too many is not good). We put in variations of the keywords and check the page structure for headings and subheadings.  We do not hide text or use ‘black hat’ techniques, which unethically hides content. We only use reputable methods.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are little bits of code that tell search engines about your web page. Meta tags are only visible in the HTML code and not on the page itself, but you will see meta tags in the Google results.   This information is useful to search engines which use this information for ranking purposes, to decide if your page is relevant to the search that has been made.

We provide quality hosting where we know that your site will be safe, fast and reliable. We host our sites on fast ‘Cloud Based’ UK located servers. We future-proof our sites by keeping the software versions (themes and plugins) updated. We back up hourly, then daily, weekly and monthly for 6 months.

We can purchase domain names on your behalf and these will be registered to you. We can buy a name if it is available or suggest alternative names if yours is taken. https://domainhelp.com shows the registration of your site.

QR (Quick Response Code or Matrix Bar Code)

QR (Quick Response Code or Matrix Bar Code) was first created for the car industry to track cars and is now used in advertising, on business cards, buses and even chocolate packets! Smartphones users can use their camera to scan the code (or download a free QR reader app)  it will read the QR image and show a link to a web page, YouTube video, Facebook page or PayPal button etc.  We can advise if these technologies will be useful for your website.

Near-field communication (NFC) Card

Near-field communication (NFC) are often used as business cards or to collect reviews (e.g. Trust Index or Google Reviews)  The card looks like a credit card and you simply place it on a mobile phone an it will load a page that will take you to the review page or give you the contact details. NFC can also come in other forms, such as stickers, pop sockets (a plastic circle that can stick to a mobile phone so you can hold it easily or NFC can also be on key fob/keychains.

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