Marketing & Branding

Branding used to mean burning a mark on livestock with a hot iron to show who it belonged to. Then it became a symbol of luxury and created loyalty and followers. It became about selling values and beliefs as much as the product itself and now people are their brand. So things have changed quite a bit in recent years.

Your Brand identity is seen not only in your logo, but also the typeface, colours, photos and style of your website. You can have brand personality, sincerity and sophistication to tell your brand story etc so it can need quite a bit of thought and planning. Ultimately it is about trying to ensure website visitors and clients have a nice and memorable (for all the right reasons) experience when dealing with your business.

It helps if you do, but it is not essential. We can advise on how to brand your website without a logo or brand document, or we can give you a quote for creating this for you.  If you do approach us with a logo and brand identity already, we will follow this direction to create a site that is authentic, goal focused and in harmony with your brand.

Yes! Social Media is a method of marketing to promote your business product or services.  Popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are sharing platforms that enable people to see your business offering and make comments, ‘like’ and ‘share’ which can then give greater visibility and potentially increase sales. The platforms that are best for your business are the ones that target your audience. There are ways to get closer to your target audience with hashtags# and tagging@ and this will build up your exposure and levels of trust. It can put you in a position of authority and show you as a credible and genuine business. We can advise on the types of platforms that may be best for your business. If you are a regular user of  social media, you may be interested in learning how to create and schedule social media posts yourself.

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