First impressions count; that’s why your website’s look and loading speed is essential. We take all this into account when creating your site. We focus not only on getting it to look good and appeal to your target audience but also on getting the right message across, optimising it for search engines, and ensuring it’s responsive and adapts well for mobile devices. See below for the services we offer which may come as part of a package or as an add-on.

Want to learn how to edit your website?

As an ex-primary school teacher, Paula loves to teach users how to manage their website, in person or on Zoom. During these sessions, you’ll learn how to make changes to your site and how those changes can affect your SEO and search engine position.

Give us a call and let’s have a chat about your requirements. We have a few questions we ask to establish what you need and can either discuss these on the phone, in person or we can send you a document to complete.  If you don’t know all the answers, we are here to help and can give advice and guidance.

Typically we will discuss if you have or would like us to provide:

  • Domain name
  • Email account
  • Visuals e.g. Photos / Graphics / Video
  • Logo / Branding
  • Text
  • knowledge of target Keywords / Audience

building a website always starts with a good chat! This is when I find out what the starting point will be and your requirements. I may make some suggestions about services or content that could be added to help your business and improve processes, so I often ask lots of questions about how your business operates.

  • A quotation is sent to you and if you wish to accept it, I ask for a deposit and this will secure your start date.
  • Terms and conditions are accepted by paying the deposit.
  • I start collecting content for your site and ideas which I formulate into draft pages.
  • A preview is sent to you for discussion. I take feedback to formulate the next draft.
  • When the final version has been agreed  I ask for payment of the final amount.
  • Your website goes live.

That is a really good question and is it a bit like asking ‘how long does it take to build a house?  It depends on the starting point and what you want. If you already have a logo/branding, text content, idea of your SEO target phrases, photos and domain name.. etc we could build it in less than week. However most of the time our projects are completed in a few weeks. We always aim for quality and client satisfaction.

We keep your WordPress website site software up-to-date

You may wonder if this is important? Absolutely! Your WordPress site is made up of the WordPress software, a theme and plugins. There will typically be between 5 and 25 plugins. These all work together in sync to keep the site functioning as intended. The updates adapt your site’s software to keep up with changes in technology; such as new features that may have been added to the theme or plugins as well as hackers attempts to find backdoors into your site. The software will be updated regularly to protect it.

There were 3 major and 7 minor WordPress updates last year, as well as many theme and plugin updates.  We future-proof our sites by keeping the software versions updated and this is often automatic, so it happens as soon as possible.

What happens if the WordPress software, theme or plugins are out-of-date?

This will make it more vulnerable to hacking attempts and malware or the site may not work well on some browsers. We use premium quality software that is well supported to avoid this issue and to future-proof your site.

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  • retail website examples
  • retail website examples

Website and Internet Services

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