Content Management Systems (CMS)

Managing Content

Edit your site with a Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to quickly and easily make changes to your website via a simple user interface.

The CMS can be built to your specific needs and will give you the benefit of, for example:

  • updating and removing product data
  • changing web page content
  • adding images and links
  • adding and removing web pages when necessary
  • adding ‘news items’ to a ‘News page’
  • managing user access rights of an online system

All you need is a simple username and password to access the CMS, which means you or another dedicated person could be anywhere and still have access to your site to make the required changes at anytime, from any computer.

As you only pay once for the set-up of your CMS, you won’t be paying ongoing costs for every change you wish to make to your site. As you know your subject matter better than anyone else, you are the ideal person to make changes to the website content and can draft your changes and upload them when ready.

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