Web Hosting

What is hosting?

If we build or manage your website we will be happy to provide hosting for your site. Hosting is needed to make your website seen on the www - the world wide web. Hosting is space on a server where your webpages are saved and these are viewed by internet users.

Our hosting is competitively priced, but more importantly it is fast, reliable and backed up. Our hosting packages come with email accounts as standard and a multitude of other tools to allow us to create contact forms, databases, password protected directories etc. without you having to upgrade.

Hosts that provide 'unlimited' hosting cannot actually offer this, even a dedicated server is limited by CPU power and memory. Hosting is an allocated amount of space (storage) and bandwidth, which will run out if you get enormous amounts of traffic or allow users to download lots of large files. Servers provide an amount of bandwidth and storage which is not limitless.

Hosting Packages

The hosting we provide is on high performance Linux servers housed in private racks within the Centro Datacentre in the UK. It is protected by multiple levels of 24/7 security, stable high-capacity power supplies, fire protection and environmental controls. It is beneficial to have your website hosted in the UK if your target audience is in the UK, because it reduces latency (measure of time delay in loading pages) which means your webpages will appear as fast as possible. Furthermore when google looks at your IP address (your domain name is linked to this) and sees your site is in the UK, it will make it relevant to UK searches.


Our packages use CloudLinux to give maximum stability on shared servers. CloudLinux isolates each website so that each site cannot exceed the resources allocated to them. If there is a sudden increase in traffic on one site it means that all other web sites are unaffected.

Managed VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a self contained Virtual Private Server. If you have large files such as PDFs and videos or expect high levels of traffic, you will need hosting that allows for this. Managed VPS Hosting offers great performance due to the fixed CPU/RAM allowances you have and is a great solution for those that don't quite need a dedicated server.

Standard Hosting


3,000 MB of Disk Space

25 GB Monthly Bandwidth


Premium Hosting

smokeUp to 12,000 MB of Disk Space

100 GB Monthly Bandwidth


Managed VPS Hosting

smokeUp to 70GB of Disk Space

450 GB Monthly Bandwidth

2048 MB Dedicated memory

CPU 2.0 Ghz

What Our Clients Say

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